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Exploring HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Hi there, my name is Michelle. I created this site to talk to you about maintaining your HVAC system on your own and with help from contractors. Your HVAC system controls the temperature and air quality in your home. When this system starts to malfunction, you may notice a decrease in your comfort levels. You can perform preventative maintenance to keep this system running year round. From these posts you'll hopefully be able to learn about DIY and professional maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly. My site will also cover common faults and repairs for HVAC components. Thank you.

Signs You Need HVAC Services on Your New Home

Buying a new home means new appliances to get used to. Your heating and cooling systems are among the most important appliances you have in your home, and they should be treated by your HVAC specialist on the regular. However, you might not know the quirks and ways your HVAC system works just yet, so you might not be able to recognize signs of issues with your system right away.

Whether you want to use your heating and cooling system for the first time but want to have HVAC services look at your appliances first or you aren't quite sure your appliances are operating as they should, here are signs you need hvac specialists to come over and take a look.

The home was vacant for a long time

How long was the home you purchased vacant before you moved in? The longer a heating and cooling system sits unattended and unused, the more likely there may be to have existing issues with your heater or AC unit when you first turn them on. Mice or other rodents or insects may have gotten into some wiring or dust and other buildup may have acquired in vents and ducts, creating potential issues for you as the new homeowner right away or in the near future. Have your HVAC specialist inspect your heating and air conditioning units prior to turning them on if there is no recent history of having them used. Even a quick check by a home inspector isn't enough to prove these units are sound, so don't rely on a home inspector's OK alone.

The home isn't staying warm or cool

Unless your home isn't well-insulated, which is something you should have discovered during a home inspection, your new property should be able to easily retain heat or cooling temperatures as desired within reason. If you turn either appliance on and can't seem to maintain the temperature setting you desire, give your HVAC services company a call. Excluding any window issues or energy loss elsewhere in the home, your home's heating and cooling system may not be up to par or may need to have the thermostat checked out.

The home you bought was added on to

Did you add onto the home when you bought it? Was the home added on to right before you bought it? If you have any new square footage to your home or the interior was rearranged, you need to make sure your HVAC system is up to par with the new size and style of the home. Your HVAC services company can quickly determine whether you need a heating and cooling system upgrade or if what you have will do.