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Exploring HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Hi there, my name is Michelle. I created this site to talk to you about maintaining your HVAC system on your own and with help from contractors. Your HVAC system controls the temperature and air quality in your home. When this system starts to malfunction, you may notice a decrease in your comfort levels. You can perform preventative maintenance to keep this system running year round. From these posts you'll hopefully be able to learn about DIY and professional maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly. My site will also cover common faults and repairs for HVAC components. Thank you.

Hot And Cold Spots: What To Consider When Your HVAC System Fails To Keep Your Home Comfortable

One of the reasons that the modern central heating system quickly became the most often chosen source of heat for American homes is due to its ability to deliver even, comforting warmth in an economical fashion.

Unlike antique free-standing wood stoves that toasted anyone standing near and left others to freeze in other areas of the home, a properly designed, installed, and maintained central heating system is capable at keeping the entire home at a pre-selected temperature around the clock without need of constant monitoring. 

Sometimes, however, a problem can develop that prevents a central heating system from functioning properly. If your home suddenly feels as if it is being heated by an antique wood stove instead of a modern central heating system, here are three possible causes for you to consider. 

When the home has been enlarged 

Adding on to an existing home without also upgrading your heating system can leave your existing furnace unable to keep up. Furnaces are sized to meet the heating needs of the home when it is installed. A home that is enlarged may require a larger furnace to maintain the home's temperature correctly and eliminate the possibility of uneven or inefficient heat. 

When the home's design is significantly altered

Homes that are remodeled in such a way that the layout is significantly altered may also create a situation where the furnace must work much harder. If the changes cause air flow issues from room to room, the home may suddenly feel chilly and uncomfortable in some of the rooms and perfectly warm in others. 

Alterations in the home's design capable of reducing furnace efficiency in this manner include adding doors and walls to a formerly open concept design and closing off rooms and areas of the home in such a way that air flow is impaired. 

When the existing ducts are very dirty or damaged

If the existing ducts are very dirty or have been damaged in some manner, they may no longer be capable of carrying heated air throughout the home. Since ducts often run through storage areas, basements, and crawl spaces, they can be crushed, dented, or damaged by stored furnishings or by careless stacking of boxes and items in these areas. If ducts are original to the home, they may also be inefficient due to size issues, lack of insulation, or dirt, dust, and debris that have collected inside them. 

Homeowners who are dealing with hot and cold spots due to one of the causes listed above, or those who just feel that their furnace is not performing as efficiently as it should, will want to contact a reputable heating system maintenance service technician in their area to help them resolve the problem.