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Exploring HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

Hi there, my name is Michelle. I created this site to talk to you about maintaining your HVAC system on your own and with help from contractors. Your HVAC system controls the temperature and air quality in your home. When this system starts to malfunction, you may notice a decrease in your comfort levels. You can perform preventative maintenance to keep this system running year round. From these posts you'll hopefully be able to learn about DIY and professional maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly. My site will also cover common faults and repairs for HVAC components. Thank you.

Water Training: Getting Children To Understand The Basics Of Plumbing

If you are a parent who has ever found legos in the toilet or had to deal with children trying to send solid items down the sink, you may have an intimate relationship with your local plumbing service. Children tend to be curious and this can lead to mishaps with the plumbing in your home. Fortunately, there are ways that you can teach your child to be careful with plumbing while still allowing their curiosity. 

Use tub toys to explain drain sizes

If your children like to try to flush things down the toilet or force things down the drain pipes, you should teach them a lesson in drain size with toys in the tub. Have your child select a few toys to place inside of the tub of varying sizes. After bath time, drain the tub with the toys still inside of the bath tub. As the water drains out and the toys remain, explain to your child that the toys are larger than the drain and the drain protects their toys from being "lost at sea."

Explain Toilet functionality

Bring back old photographs of your child during their diaper phase. Explain to them how much more than can do now that they are out of diapers, such as go to the park, go stay with friends or family, and go to school by themselves. Let them know that the toilet is able to aid in their independence and when they try to push things down the toilet, they stop up the toilet and stop up their ability to act independently. Understanding personal benefits may stop your child from creating plumbing emergencies. 

Running water wastes rain

Many children have water activities that they enjoy. This may include swimming, fishing, or using squirt guns. If your child has been allowing the water to run, let them know that they are taking away water resources for themselves and for other boys and girls who want to be able to use water for fun activities. As your child gets older, talk to them about the fact that clean water is a resource that some people have to walk for many miles to enjoy. If your child is mindful of the waste that they are creating and the fact that they could be impeding on fun water activities, you may see less drain overflows and have to call in a plumber a lot less. 

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